Welcome to the shop!

We stand by a very traditional business standard of creating an atmosphere of excellence and resileance for our customers & fellow collectors from throughout the nation! As a growing company within the past 3 years: we strive to provide competing prices within the current market and hope to do business with you soon!

what makes us different?

As a new company in a nest of businesses; we enjoy stepping outside the box and differentiating ourselves from the rest of the pack! Thus, we are testing new technology to provide the best sales experience possible. Including but not limited to 360 footage and clear imaging of slabs as requested. However, we understand the trickiest part of the market is buying ungraded singles! So in order to alleviate the stress in singles purchases, we are providing UV light tech imaging along with magnification to provide you with the clearest images possible when it comes to spending your money on a 'gamble'. Plus as an added bonus, you are buying directly from us cutting out any third parties!

A word from our FOUNDER

"At a very young age; I've had a huge interest in the collectibles market and have spent many years throughout my school time collecting and playing pokemon and yugioh and slowly stemming into other objects of interest such as coins, crystals, fossils, & more! The world of collecting is so vast its bewildering in the best of ways! I had a huge passion for business and turning profit to advance in my hobbies and interests and enjoy seeing others share the same passions and spreading their interests amongst family & friends!"

  • Ash G. [ FOUNDER & CEO]

What Services do we offer?

Our services are as followed : We are currently adding to our supply of graded trading card slabs along with singles within our shop sections, buying modern & vintage singles as well as slabs under liquidation, and also provide PSA Grading for your sports trading cards! By popular damand, are looking into expanding into CGC & Beckett as well!

All listed items will have the option to request our enhanced imaging options before purchasing if required! Please send in requests through our site or contact us on our instagram platform for quick support as we update the website!

We Offer PSA Grading!

Currently Buying Modern & Vintage Cards!

The Highest Paying For Select Slab Liquidation!

We Currently Accept & Trade MetaZoo!